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Rania Koleilat

DBA Graduate - 2017

Thesis title

Characteristics and strategic performance of travel industry alliances The SME-dominated travel sector in the Middle East region and its alliances with multinational travel management companies and a


Leslie Klieb
This exploratory study aims to compare the performance of small tourism ventures in the Middle East in an attempt to understand the nature of characteristics and performance of alliances in the operation of two types of ventures. An international alliance is understood as the relationship between two companies working together towards a similar goal into an international aspect, one seeking internationalization and another looking for worldwide networks for their company. The hypothesis is that a travel agent with an alliance will perform better than a travel agent without an alliance due to differences in their capability, compatibility, control, trust, and transaction costs. This dissertation aims to help small travel agencies analyse their market demands. It will also help Middle East market entrants to this sector understand what is needed to enter the market and identify the main characteristics of a desirable alliance.