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Qin Tang

DBA Graduate - 2007

Thesis title

the study of inter-organizational business process reengineering in the apparel industry


Dimitris Assimakopoulos
Since Michael Hammer and James Champ’s “Reengineering the Corporation—A Manifesto for Business Revolution” was published in 1993, business process reengineering (BPR) has become a widely discussed topic not only among academics but also in the industrial world, where many enterprises have started putting the concepts into practice. However, most recent BPR studies have focused only on the cases internal to organizations; this thesis instead concentrates on the BPR practice at an industrial level, that is, between cooperating organizations within the same industry. This research uses small to medium-sized enterprises in the apparel trading industry in China as its study subject. The research in an actual Sino–Japan apparel enterprise network, within the general setting of the Chinese apparel industry, reveals the need for BPR in this industry and suggests an ideal business model for reengineering process. Finally, it offers recommendations regarding the strategic development of China’s small to medium-sized apparel trading companies and provides further suggestions about related management improvement issues.