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Patrice Nuq

DBA Graduate - 2012

Thesis title

Towards a better understanding of the intention to use eHealth services by medical professionals: the case of developing countries


Benoit Aubert
Healthcare services are a necessity for every country, particularly in developing countries where the shortage of medical professionals is greatest. Resolving this issue requires substantial resources that are not available. Therefore, the recent advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides the platform for innovative eHealth services and the opportunity for improving access to medical services. Despite governments, international organizations, and companies’ growing interest in eHealth Services for enabling access to medical treatment using ICT, research in developing countries related to user behavioral intention of these services remains relatively scarce. This is a research study to identify and measure the motivational factors that would expedite the introduction and widespread use of eHealth services in developing countries. More specifically, it endeavors to understand what factors would motivate medical professionals to successfully adopt eHealth Services. The study aims to identify and measure the determinants that would lead to successful adoption of eHealth services. This thesis is, thus, a services marketing study.