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Pascale Bon

DBA Graduate - 2013

Thesis title

A proposition for strategy for the golf industry in China: A Porter’s application to Frasia Golf Training Center


Michel Polski

Pascale has worked more than 23 years in Great China (China-Hong-Kong and Taiwan), Asia, and Italy among her 29 years of working experience as a CFO, with M&As, and integration in multinationals. She created her golf industry start-up in China with a training center as a LPGA golf player and coach ten years ago. She has acquired strong knowledge in doing business in China, and her DBA work spanned
from 2007 until 2013.

The doctoral research has consisted in analyzing the current organization of the sport industry in China- an emerging country, particularly the golf industry, a brand-new sport and complete new sector in this related industry. The target has been to identify the framework of a strategy for the promotion and development of golf, as a sport in China, by applying the Porter’s model. A description of the current environment of the industry has introduced the specificities of the Chinese market, due to the impact of the Chinese culture. Qualitative methods for empirical analysis have been used to test the six propositions of the potential strategy, due to the lack of statistics data, through interviews and application of the Grounded Theory; a case study has been applied to the start-up Frasia Golf Training Center, as a living laboratory. The collection of press articles during 5 years from 2007 to 2011 (with update in 2012) has validated the propositions, as a support of the evolution of the golf market in China. The findings of the thesis has put a special focus on the principles of governance for sport at the State level, as principles of management, particularly in sport entities for a better regulation and actions plan for promoting golf to the mass population. On the other hand, a strategy of differentiation of the segments, women and children, seems to be the current path to the development and promotion of golf in China; and, finally specific pull-push marketing actions should be launched for a corporate strategy, such as specific products like golf packages for tourism, some pro-am and some corporate golf competitions for instance, with the support of the media. It can also be a way to attract more sponsors in the future. Key words: corporate governance, golf, sport marketing, women and sport, children and sport, strategy.