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Niicole Ortloff

DBA Graduate - 2006

Thesis title

Measuring the perception of benefits & feasibility of a publicly available real-time landed cost engine in the retail paper products industry


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
Small electronic businesses continue to increase their sales through domestic niche marketing. However, the steady drive to increase small electronic business sales has not extended to the international arena. This research measures the attractiveness for a small electronic commerce business of having a publicly available, real-time landed cost engine, with a focus on the retail paper products industry. Therefore, this thesis aims to answer the questions, Will real-time landed scost add enough perceived benefits to increase the willingness of small electronic commerce businesses to trade internationally? Will real-time landed costs lessen the preceived burden of international trade on small electronic businesses? The benefits and feasibility were measured with 13 constructs, which in turn test the proposed hypothesis that a publicly available, real-time, landed cost engine is a factor in encouraging interest in conducting transactions online and internationally. The results of the survey indicate strong interest in the creation of a publicly available, real-time, landed cost engine. Therefore, this research offers a measure of the perceived benefits of a publicly available, real-time, landed cost engine, which justifies the demand for the development of a proper model of such an engine.