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Nida Aslam Khan

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

Measuring the moderating effects of Product Knowledge and Product Involvement on Consumer Animosity and Willingness to Purchase relationship: A Perspective from Indo-Pak Region


Harvinder Singh
Purpose The impact of product knowledge and product involvement on various aspects of consumer purchase decision has been explored and studied extensively. To the knowledge of the author, none of the studies have explored the influence of product involvement and product knowledge on relationship between country animosity and purchase intention, for entertainment and apparels products in the Indo-Pak region. Design/Methodology/Approach The author has used the country animosity as independent variable, intention to watch and/or purchase as dependent variable, product knowledge and product involvement as the intervening variables. There were 500 respondents from Pakistan and 486 respondents in India, and SPSS version 21 using PROCESS plug-in by Andrew F. Hayes was *employed to examine moderation. Findings The first six hypotheses were accepted and the rest were rejected. The general animosity for both the datasets was strongest. The results suggest that that product involvement has a stronger impact on purchase intention than product knowledge. Pakistani consumers watch Indian movies as a habitual consumption. There were no significant interactions among the variables, however, product knowledge and product involvement were high for apparels as compared to movies. In the case of apparels the more knowledgeable consumers are they seek more knowledge and the effect of country animosity on intention to purchase Indian apparels is buffered to become positive. For entertainment, the consumers are taking peripheral route of persuasion and for apparels they are taking central route of persuasion. Indian consumers’ intention to watch Pakistani dramas is buffered due to moderation however in the case of Pakistani apparels it amplifies the relationship. In multiple regression product knowledge became insignificant when regressed with product involvement and country animosity, for both the categories. According to conditional effects, to dilute the impact of country animosity either product knowledge or product involvement needs be high or both should be at least at medium level. In the presence of low product knowledge and product involvement or at least one of them is low country animosity will have a significant impact on intention to watch and/or purchase. Managerial Implications/Limitations The managerial implication is suggested in terms of strategy development encapsulating strategy of Pakistani drama producers in Indian region, and then discussion on the strategy of Indian movie producers in the Pakistani region followed by strategy of Pakistani apparels manufacturer in Indian region and finally the strategy of Indian apparels manufacturer in Pakistani region. Originality This study examines the interaction effects of moderating variables on the relationship between consumer animosity and purchase intention in emerging markets. The findings provide guidance to international brand managers on being vigilant and recognizing the antagonistic emotion towards a specific country and adapt their marketing strategy accordingly. Key Terms Country Animosity, Country of Origin, Consumer Ethnocentrism, Product Knowledge, Product Involvement, Purchase Intention, Subcontinent, Pakistan