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Nicole Striegel

DBA Graduate - 2005

Thesis title

Reengineering in higher education administration: a case study


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
This study attempt to reengineer higher education administration by expanding the use of online system teaching technologies in a two-year college system. This effort takes into account factors specific to higher education that might hinder the implementation. Reengineering often suffers a negative reputation, but by taking potential detriments into account, this project reduces risk and increases the chances of a successful implementation. That is, process reengineering and redesign should improvement performance measures and maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and economy. This thesis considers the expansion of online teaching technologies into administrative student services, such as records, registration, financial aid, admissions, veterans affairs, academic credits, assessment, disability services, international students, and residency. In each area, a member of the administrative body supervises processes step-by-step and determines whether each step is necessary, redundant, or valuable. Processes that span more than one area require consensus; when a best practice is defined, a parallel system allows pertinent staff members to test it, provide feedback, and pinpoint problems. Administrators work in parallel to create training courses, and groups meet as often as necessary. Comparisons involve subjective assessments and various groups with different training venues, overall or targeted scope, and task complexity. Trainers can modify their teaching styles to adjust to online teaching systems and develop a hybrid system. The relevant input include time spent teaching and grading assessments, time spent creating the teaching materials, and costs per hour based on salary standards. The overall training includes employees in their positions for at least six months who have proven deficiencies in all areas; targeted training includes employees who have been at their positions for a minimum of six months and who show weaknesses in at least one area.