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Mohamad Alderai

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

Toward a General Framework of Corporate Entrepreneurship in Islamic Countries: Exploratory Study of Financial Institutions


Philippe Le
The objective of this research is to understand corporate entrepreneurship (CE) in Islamic Sharia-dominated environments, with special consideration of Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) as a case study. It is assumed that Islamic Sharia-dominated business environments are heavily regulated not only by normal regulators but also by Islamic Sharia (canonical law). Thus, the researcher attempts to explore CE as manifested in value creation by creating business value models. This study was carried out by collecting secondary data from two selected Kuwaiti financial companies and conducting interviews to collect primary information, and the research is based on inductive and qualitative research approaches. The researcher identifies the differences in the business models of conventional and Islamic firms and assesses the future of IFIs. Moreover, he examines the relationship between the CE of these firms and their market performance. By investigating these unexplored aspects of Islamic finance, this research contributes to both academia and the industry. This study could pave the way for future research examining how the IFIs succeed in implementing and managing the entrepreneurial environment and creating value for its stakeholders while adhering to Sharia. Additionally, it could play a significant role in helping practitioners in IFIs identify the loopholes in their business management and be on par with conventional financial firms to compete equally in the market. Nevertheless, because the case study research method and qualitative approach have been used, the results cannot be generalized for all similar organizations and the findings of the study cannot be quantified. In light of the findings, the procedures of entrepreneurial culture management are identical in IFIs and conventional organizations; although the CE models differ, the lifecycle trend is the same.