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Mei Yang

DBA Graduate - 2014

Thesis title

Study on Influence Factors of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tacit Knowledge Transfer within Chinese Medicine Hospital


Yunshi Vertical Innovation-Externe
TCM (short for Traditional Chinese Medicine) has gradually accumulated a large number of medical skills during the past thousands of years. However, TCM tacit knowledge, which is stored in group memory and the minds of medical staff, and embedded with team convention, accounts the main of the total. The intense personal tint and feature of cannot be encoded impede the inheritance and development of TCM and the TCM tacit knowledge transfer to build competitiveness of CMH (short for Chinese medicine hospital). The dissertation takes the carriers of CMH-TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine within Chinese Medicine Hospital)tacit knowledge which involve CMH, medical team and medical staff as objects of research and categorizes the level of transfer oCMH-TCM tacit knowledge. The process of CMH-TCM tacit knowledge transfer is analyzed and deduced through classic SECI Model and N Model, which builds a comprehensive theoretical system of content, subject and context. Besides, the influential mechanism of CMH-TCM tacit knowledge transfer is explored in the aspect of knowledge market, social exchange, motivation and behavior, interpersonal networking and knowledge integration. The empirical analyses are conducted in terms of influence factors of CMH-TCM tacit knowledge transfer and transfer effect. First, I propose a model equipped with twelve variables which contain organizational culture, environmental atmosphere, incentive system, trust, reciprocity, altruism, social networking density in departments, social networking centrality in departments, ties and connection among department members, knowledge integration, transfer willingness, and transfer effect in the level of organizational circumstance, social exchange, interpersonal networking and knowledge integration, and eleven hypotheses. Then the dissertation goes for design of questionnaire, survey and data analyses. Through Amos construction equation, the influence factors are estimated and verified in terms of its functional way and effect field. From these analyses, I conclude that the social networking density in departments, ties and connections among department members, knowledge integration and transfer willingness positively correlate to the transfer effect of CMH tacit knowledge, while the 3 socialnetworking centrality in departments goes conversely. At last, I put forward strategies for CMH-TCM tacit knowledge transfer in multi-dimension and multi-perspective. On the basis of review of this study, I present the limitations of the dissertation and further studies. Keywords:CMH-TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine within Chinese Medicine Hospital), TCM tacit knowledge, CMH-TCM tacit knowledge