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Maria Frangieh

DBA Graduate - 2017

Thesis title

Web 2.0 Technologies Tools for Knowledge Sharing in Organizations


Claudio Vitari

Maria Frangieh holds a doctorate degree in Web Technologies and Knowledge Sharing. She introduced a unique model that helped many local and international organizations improve communications and enhance their performance. Since 2005, She has taught in several universities and is a partner in Socialprise, a digital marketing and communications agency. Maria also writes a lifestyle blog, which can be found at

Purpose The main objective of this research is to investigate the impact of using Wikis and Blogs on knowledge sharing within organizations and the impact of the organizational context on the use of Web 2.0 Technologies. Based on the Bull’s-Eye model (McAfee, 2009), the author selected the Wiki and Blog to target the close and potential social ties in the organizations as a mediator to knowledge sharing in organizations. Design/methodology/approach Four different companies operating in four different industries were selected as a sample for this research. The pilot study was conducted in a multinational company that produces food and beverage in the Levant and Middle East Region. The other three companies included in the sample are a production company (company B) with a total of 273 employees, a digital marketing agency (company C) with a total of 35employees and an entertainment magazine (company D) with a total of 47 employees. An overall number of 355 employees took part in this research. The research used a qualitative approach to test the research questions and multiple case study design to test the propositions. The researcher based its findings on the results of a survey that was sent to all the employees and observations of the data logs of the Wiki and Blog, in addition to secondary data provided by the companies of the sample.