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Lenica Gutierrez Bujalil

DBA Graduate - 2014

Thesis title

how to recognize the bricoleur among other actors: an evaluation grid


Severine Le Loarne

Lenica has participated in both the academic and business fields as an entrepreneur and as part of large corporations. She has international professional experience and has collaborated with organizations in Europe (France, UK), Latin America, and the USA. Her research has been mainly related to SMB and their development opportunities thanks to the use of information technology. Her academic background includes a BS in computer science, a masters in international business, and a DBA.

Micro, small and medium size enterprises (SME) represent the majority of firms worldwide. While technology enable these small companies to compete with larger organizations, they face resources constrains and challenges to implement best practices. . In competitive environments and/or unstable economies, the members of SME are frequently forced to face unexpected situations in order to allow the survival of their business unit using only their limited available inventory of resources. This scenario promotes the use of bricolage. The new unexpected problems are to be solved by members of the organization who assemble a solution in restricted conditions of time, components, supplies, which motivates the use of the secondary characteristics of the resources in developing ingenious proposals. As the main component of a successful repetitive outcome is a bricoleur, identifying the characteristics of a “good-enough” bricoleur is a key element in the continual operation of micro and small organizations. Through this study the attributes of the bricoleur are confirmed, and a personnel profile is suggested considering diverse factors, which range from individual characteristics aspects such as age and gender through enterprise topics such as the operational business areas or functions: Business Development; Management; Sales; Operations, Production and Logistics and Pricing and Financial control. A comparison of the relevance of the attributes is utilized to develop a tool that can be used to evaluate the profile of the bricoleur. This evaluation grid could be used in recruitment session to assess the performance and the acceptance of the practice of bricolage on regular basis. It can also be used to stimulate the development of the soft skills required for developing effective bricoleurs, and helps middle management to take the best approach for their organization: incentive bricolage, restricting bricolage or being indifferent. Keywords Bricoleur, attributes, profile, evaluation tool, HR, bricolage