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Lawrence F. "Bill" Zimmerman

DBA Graduate - 2004

Thesis title

Benchmarking cross-industry employee perception of management effectiveness


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
Regardless of the level of technology or size of any given organization, employees have common expectations of management. This study gauges management’s success in meeting these expectations, using statistically valid and reliable managerial effectiveness benchmark scores, derived from the management perception survey (MPS). The benchmark reflects average scores for organizations in southeast Louisiana, in the United States. The study substantiates several hypotheses. First, there is a significant mathematical correlation across the eight categories of constructs in the survey. Second, there is little significant difference among persons with varying amounts of management training or experience when it comes to employees’ perceptions of their managerial effectiveness, as it regards the company’s organizational climate and culture. This finding also features a weak dependency on the type of industry and employees’ impression of the profitability of the organization. Third, typical employee perception scores involving the company’s organizational climate and culture have remained relatively constant since 1995. The MPS also provides information to guide in-house or external consultants in their study and training of managers and leaders. There is value in comparing a specific company’s management effectiveness against a geosocial benchmark. The scores awarded by employees provide a reliable indication of the strengths and weaknesses of management within a firm.