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Joelle Majdalani

DBA Graduate - 2017

Thesis title



Alessandro Cavelzani-Externe
Bassem Maamari-Externe

Joelle is a former Lebanese American University (LAU) student, where she completed her BS and MBA with distinction, and then, she went on to complete her DBA at GEM. She is also the general manager of a family-owned business that imports and sells upscale ready-to-wear garments. She is involved in consulting works and has conducted workshops and training locally and internationally. She is continuing her research work and has published several articles and a chapter in a book.

Purpose: This doctorial research was conducted to gain insight into the relationship between emotional intelligence and customer satisfaction in the Lebanese universities. In our days, a lot of interest has been given towards the subject of emotional intelligence in many fields one of which is the academic world. This research stresses on the importance of group activities in increasing the emotional intelligence of students and therefore their satisfaction.Design/methodology/approach: Based on the literature, a model was suggested and tested using quantitative research techniques. A sample of students was chosen from different Lebanese universities and included 309 respondents. The test was made using a well-known instrument which is the Wong and Law Emotional Intelligent Scale (WLEIS) to measure the emotional intelligence of teachers and of student, and to identify the changes in the emotional intelligence of students before and after group activity. A number of intense group activities were done in classes throughout the semester. These were tailored specifically toward increasing the emotional intelligence of students.Findings: The findings support the importance of emotional intelligence in increasing students’ satisfaction and the role of group activities in enhancing that.