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Jie Chen

DBA Graduate - 2019

Thesis title

Empirical research on carbon emissions science and technology progress and economic growth in China


Paolo Naticchioni
Purpose By analysing the relationship between carbon emissions and economic growth, scientific and technological progress and economic growth in China, this paper explores how to promote the coordinated development of economy, science and technology and environment, and lays a foundation for the realization of the macro-strategic goal of China's social development. Design/methodology/approach Firstly, empirically analyzes the bidirectional relationship between economic growth and CO2 emission with the support of panel data through the 3SLS estimating method of simultaneous equation model. Secondly, using the statistical monitoring data of regional scientific and technological progress provided in the latest China Science and Technology Statistical Yearbook issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, this paper studies the direct driving effect and spatial spillover effect of scientific and technological input on economic growth. Finally, based on the findings, effective suggestions for promoting China's social development are put forward. Findings (1) There is a bi-directional positive relationship between economic growth and carbon emissions, showing an "inverted N" curve relationship. (2) Both sci-tech input and capital input have significantly promoted provincial economic growth, while labor input has played a less important role in promoting economic growth. Research limitations/implications This study explores the relationship between carbon emissions, economic growth and science and technology, which is conducive to achieving and realizing the coordinated development between economy, resources and environment as well as the low-carbon development model of economy. For example, we can increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by using scientific and technological means. Practical implications: Properly handling the connection between economic growth, technological progress and CO2 emissions is an important guarantee for achieving energy conservation and emission reduction and building a "two-oriented society." It helps to promote economic transformation and industrial restructuring. Social implications (if applicable) Carbon emission reduction is an important responsibility that China should take to get around with the global environment and climate issues. Carbon emission reduction is actively promoting China's industrial restructuring and sustainable economic and social development. Originality/value This article analyzes the relationship between economic growth,technological progress and CO2 emissions from various perspectives, so as to obtain more accurate conclusions. It is helpful for further improving and enriching the theoretical system about the coordinated development of technological advancement and economy in China. Keywords carbon emission; technological advancement; economic growth; spatial econometrics