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Guixuan Chen

DBA Graduate - 2017

Thesis title

Study on the Relationship Between Service Quality, Relationship Quality and Consequences Based on Property Management-Exemplified by residential properties in Guangzhou City, China


Yunshi Vertical Innovation-Externe

Dr. Chen Guixuan obtained her DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management. She is the business manager for GuangDong GrandTrust Petrochemical Co., Ltd. She previously was a department manager in a large-scale stateowned enterprise in China and was involved in business development, strategy setting and evaluation, organization designs, internal controls, and risk management.

Purpose The Chinese property service enterprise pays attention to building a long-term humanistic relationship with residents not only from the perspectives of rational demands and behaviors, but also emotional needs and subjective attitudes to adapts business concepts to the new consumption environment. In addition,on the basis of the service experience and psychological behavior characteristics,a property service enterprise nurtures new consumption concepts and lifestyles,transforms traditional business,seeks for the quality promotion key points,explores the value-added fields and improves service experience. Design/methodology/approach This thesis carried out the research from three aspects: Firstly, the trend characteristics of the property service industry are studied, the measurement scale is selected,the model is constructed and hypotheses are proposed in conjunction with literature and theories. Secondly, combined with the in-depth interview and qualitative analysis,the empirical analysis is carried out. Finally,the correlative relationship among five dimensions of service quality, two dimensions of relationship quality, and cross buying, brand loyalty and subjective well-being are respectively discussed through relevant analysis,and regression analysis is utilized to explore the causation among variables and hypothesis test is conducted. Findings The empirical results reveals the the mechanism of service quality,relationship quality and consequences,and the relationship quality plays a mediating role between service quality and consequences,and the property right owner-ships have the moderating impact on the relationship between relationship quality and consequences. Research limitations/implications First,construct the model of the relation among the three variables, enrich correlative theoretical and items research from the sociological perspective of humanistic relations.Second,put forward the moderating role of “housing property rights” will effectively study different affection and behavioral consequences resulting from different sense of belonging.Third,consider the special scenarios, rationalize status and characteristics,and summarize the trend of the property service industry. Practical implications To guide to learn of new changes in residents’ needs from the perspective of humanistic relations, absorb advanced service concepts.When formulating marketing strategies,it can guide residents to form intrinsic emotional cognition and extrinsic behavioral characteristics, provide with convenient,efficient,all-round and personalized services,effectively explore value-added service fields,achieve a deep & long-term humanistic relationship,accurately formulate upgrading strategies. Originality/value Firstly, develops the theories related to property service management and marketing from the new perspective,enriches humanistic relationship researches in conjunction with particular situations.Secondly,the two reactions, internal emotional cognition and external behavioral intentions should be comprehensively considered.Thirdly,takes the Chinese traditional in-habitation culture into consideration and introduces the housing property rights as moderator variables. Keywords Service quality, Relationship quality, Cross buying, Brand loyalty, Subjective well-being, Housing property right