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Guillaume Ferrante

DBA Graduate - 2012

Thesis title

Voyage au cœur de l'agilité organisationnelle: La théorie des quatre capacités d'agilité à l'épreuve des managers


Jerome Barrand

Areas of expertise

  • Agility Management
Guillaume Ferrante is a Doctorate in Business Adminsitration student of Grenoble Ecole de Management. His research focuses on the development of organisational agility. He has been teaching in the 1st year sup de co program since 2008.
Based on the development and theoretical acknowledgment of the model for organizational agility, this research explores managers’ perceptions and interpretations of organizational agility. To do this, we first reviewed the sources of organizational ability that appeared in 1991. This work emphasizes a theoretical foundation, strongly centered on four talents for agility: reactivity, flexibility, rapidity, and skill. Twenty years after the development of agility and using this theoretical study, we prepared a questionnaire in order to obtain managers’ perceptions of the definition of talents for agility, the practices associated with these abilities and also their portrayal of organizational agility. We offer three conclusions. First, managers use the same vocabulary to define reactivity, flexibility, and rapidity. Second, managers use certain practices to the detriment of others to develop their abilities. Finally, they represent organizational ability according to six components that do not follow the conceptual models of organizational agility that is based on the four talents. In conclusion, this research demonstrates the differences between managers’ perceptions and the theoretical and conceptual representations of organizational agility.