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Ghinwa Ado Mikdashi

DBA Graduate - 2017

Thesis title

Developing talents to mitigate the NGO leadership deficit : the case of Lebanon


Hussin Hejase

Ghinwa Ado Mikdashi earned her DBA from GEM in July 2017 with research combining her  background in HR with her interest in NGOs. Her academic emphasis is on the management of  organizational talents. She received her MBA from LAU in 1999 and has a dual HR certification from HRCI. She is active in certificate and undergraduate teaching in Lebanon. She is the managing partner of GTMC, a private company that provides services to the private, public, and NGO sectors.

Civil society actors, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), play a vital role in ameliorating living conditions and helping societies overcome and resolve many of the problems currently faced in a globalized world with diminishing resources. Faced by a magnitude of challenges, and while pursuing their mission, many NGOs have realized that they need sound management practices even more than their private counterparts do. Furthermore, accountable to diverse stakeholders, NGOs need competent leaders who are capable of leading them through complex and dynamic environments and who are well aware and equipped to develop strong leaders within the ranks of their organizations. Unfortunately, a substantial leadership deficit is foreseen by a number of scholars internationally, and this fact applies to Lebanon as well. Accordingly, interventions are needed to mitigate the leadership deficit and build a pool of talented successors who are capable of leading NGOs forward despite complexities and challenges. This DBA research aims at investigating the extent to which Talent Management (TM) practices can be used as a tool to support NGOs in Lebanon develop the next generation of leaders to ensure sustainability and organizational effectiveness. It overlaps two existing TM models and combines quantitative and qualitative approaches in a mixed method – specifically a quantitative-dominant mixed method - to identify the drivers that impact Talent Management practices within the NGO sector in Lebanon. Results show that the use of TM amongst the NGO sector in Lebanon remains quite weak. Furthermore, research findings reveal that motivation and extra-role behavior play a critical role in mediating the relationship between developing an NGO’s pivotal talent pool and organizational effectiveness. Keywords: Talent Management, Developing Talent, NGO, Leadership Deficit