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Franck Rouault

DBA Graduate - 2015

Thesis title

Exploring Cultural Engines in Intercultural Management Training.


Michelle Mielly

Since 1999, Frank has created and manages Practical Learning the smart way to learn™. Frank helps managers and management teams render explicit strategies to execute with optimal performance in domestic and international contexts. The unique angle Frank provides is to work in a way that both serve the needs and the goals of organizations and the employability of people.

Empirical work carried out over more than 20 years of intercultural training practice in business contexts on various continents has revealed to us that participants who demonstrate negative attitudes towards the subject adopt what shall be referred to as “ethnocentricassociated” behaviors. Intercultural exposure and experience in international training scenarios as well as in-depth literature review served to develop observations that facilitated the design of a learning tool and a body of knowledge. The aim of this study is to present a new model, review its potential exploration paths through Argyris’s (1974) double-loop learning mechanism, and present choices for focusing for practical business reasons on the body of knowledge applied by business clients who have been exposed to it. This construct was further tested through different formats in a longitudinal, qualitative research study that revealed additional knowledge. From an academic perspective, it proposes an additional body of knowledge based on different cultural dimensions than previously explored and on the conditions to assess how such a tool could help reduce ethnocentric-related behaviors. From a business perspective, through experiential learning activities in training sessions and presentations, it helps those engaged in intercultural business interactions better prepare and conduct their international business encounters by using specific methodologies. Keywords: culture, ethnocentrism, cultural value models, cultural forces, cultural intelligence, instructional psychology.