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Fawaz Hamidi

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

'Service Offerings and Strategic Objectives of Business Incubators by Entrepreneur TypeA Case Study on Necessity vs. Opportunity Entrepreneurs'


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
Purpose The purpose of this research is to find how and why Business Incubators (BIs) should create separate strategies for each type of entrepreneurs. Design/methodology/approach This research is under the field of strategic management. It is based on a case study. Data is collected mainly from BIAT and replicated with data collected from Berytech and Southbic. These are three Lebanese BIs. The research design is based on a set of propositions developed from literature and customized through a BI expert intervention. These propositions suggest different strategic alternatives under each service and critical success factor (CSF). The research results are finally reviewed and validated by the three BIs managers.Findings This research shows the strategic alternatives under each BI service and CSF. It reveals a service-based differentiation strategic framework by Entrepreneur type. Furthermore it links the business model and the selection process of the BI to the targeted entrepreneur type. Specific strategic choices for Necessity and Opportunity entrepreneurs are outlined for the strategic alignment of the BI. Furthermore this research addresses two other gaps: Necessity entrepreneurship and Lebanese BI practices.Research limitations/implications This research adds a new element to the BI’s scope. It shows how BIs could create different strategies for separate entrepreneur types through altering and tailoring their services and critical success factors. In particular it reveals two distinct strategies. The first is targeting Opportunity Entrepreneurs (OEs) and the second is targeting Necessity Entrepreneurs (NEs). The propositions are used not to be tested during the research process but to guide the data collection and analysis. Theoretical sampling is used in assessing why and how each alternative is valuable or not for each type of entrepreneurs. Further research should pursue an extensive lager scale quantitative analysis and test the general applicability of the results. Future research could incorporate other types of entrepreneurs and other contexts and countries. Practical Implications Two detailed strategies for managers of BIs are created in addition to a detailed framework of BIs services and CSFs alternatives.Social Implications Business Incubation practices in a weak and vulnerable environment are studied. As a result a better strategy to support less-favored entrepreneurs (NEs) is suggested. Originality/Value A new scope in the BI strategic framework is studied. The study is addressed to local and international socio-economic development actors interested in necessity entrepreneurship and business incubation strategies.Keywords Business Incubators, BIs strategies, Necessity Entrepreneurs, BIs services, BIs CSFs