David Kee

DBA Graduate - 2016

Thesis title

Ascetic Entrepreneurship: An Elite Prosopography


Roxana Bobulescu
Based on Max Weber’s Protestant Work Ethic, this thesis aims to advance the theoretical construct of ascetic entrepreneurship and its influence on successful entrepreneurship from the societal to the firm and to the individual levels. This cross-disciplinary historical approach links asceticism and entrepreneurship and tests it with an elite prosopography as methodology to further verify these propositions. Keywords: Asceticism, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Ethics, Max Weber, Protestant Work Ethic, Joseph Schumpeter, Frank Knight, Israel Kirzner, David McClelland, Asa Candler, Sam Walton, Ingvar Kamprad, Hans Wilsdorf, Bill Marriott, Truett Cathy.