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Cyril Couffe


Director of the Digital tranformation chair
Pedagogical Designer to department People, Organizations and Society
Doctorate of Philosophy, Psychologie cognitive appliquée, Université Lumière (Lyon II)

Areas of expertise

  • Cognition and Innovation
  • Competencies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Competencies Management
  • Occupational Stress Management

The goal of the Chair "Talents of Digital Transformation" is to anticipate the understanding of digital evolutions to understand the skills needed to build the future. It will take time for each employee, wherever he or she is in the company, to understand the digital issues for them and their organization and to change their practices.

As a researcher and entrepreneur, my two main themes are:

- How do working conditions affect the ability to concentrate? I focus in particular on interruptions in the course of tasks but also the links between new technologies (e-mail, instant discussion, notifications, etc.) and attentional abilities (concentration, attention capture, multitasking, etc.). I develop tools and approaches to better understand and manage these complex relationships.

- What are the cognitive and emotional skills that will make a difference in the labor market in 2020, especially among leaders and decision-makers? In view of the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligences, it will be necessary to reinvent the current model of skills at work. This will obviously affect the recruitment, the increase in skills and the retention of talent within companies wishing to maintain a strategic lead in its market.

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