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Alejandro Boada-ortiz

DBA Graduate - 2008

Thesis title

environmental innovation in the cut flower industry
The Colombian fresh cut-flower industry is well recognized worldwide. Colombia is the second largest exporter after the Netherlands and the largest carnation exporter in the world. Colombian floriculture is an export business and 95% of the production is sold abroad. Most plantations are found on the savannah of Bogotá due to its strategic geographical location and water availability. However this is not a clean industry. Environmental scandals and bad press reports are part of the sector’s history. Since 1996 producers and the industry association – Asocolflores – have implemented environmental strategies mainly based on the FlorverdeTM program. As a result, environmental strategies based on constant improvement in operational effectiveness and new market opportunities have seduced Colombian producers. Nevertheless these strategies are not sufficient enough to guarantee the sector’s and the companies’ endurance. Today environmental conflicts are evident between fresh-cut flower production and the ecosystem of the savannah of Bogotá, threatening the future of this industry in Colombia.