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Ahmad Anouti

DBA Graduate - 2018

Thesis title

Green tourism and perceived quality : a marketing strategy for hôtels in Lebanon


Jean-Michel Chapuis
Purpose – Green hotels haven’t been introduced before in Lebanon, for this purpose, this thesis aims to investigate how lodging customers perceive the new concept of a green hotel and thus provide hotel owners and executive with the sufficient decision of whether a green hotel is a successful future lodging project or not. Design/methodology/approach – The methodology used in this research is a quantitative methodology. A well-designed questionnaire was designed and distributed electronically for 318 respondents of which they resemble the domestic and international tourists visiting Lebanon. Findings – With the assistance of both the Confirmatory Factorial Analysis and the Structural Equation Modeling, outcomes have been uncovered towards indicating the relationships between variables as well as representing relationships between unprecedented variables. Respondents have shown empathy towards the environment. They have encouraged environmental friendly practices in general and they have shown tendency to lodge in green hotels. Throughout fulfilling the objectives of the research it was signified that there was a direct relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction as well as a relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Perceived Image. Research Limitations - Proposed relationships between several variables have been presented, yet based on the Structural Equation Modeling, results exposed that not all presented variables are correlated. Practical Implications – Hotel owners and executives would have to participate in presenting green hotels in the Lebanese hospitality market as tourist showed a high tendency in supporting the environmental friendly practices in general and the idea of being lodged in green hotels in particular. This may open a new opportunity to hotels in Lebanon since globally the environmental friendly practices are being more welcomed and applied in several organizations. Originality/value – The research was brought up in an attempt to present suggestions on whether investing in the green hotels business in Lebanon is a successful move or not. It is an attempt to come up with answers to Lebanese hotel owners and entrepreneurs who are questioning in investing in green hotels in the future. Keywords – Green hotels, Environmental friendly practices, Perceived image, Lodging industry, Lebanon