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Digitization of the economy and society

Digital Organization & Society chair

Our mission at the DOS Chair is to produce and disseminate scientific knowledge on the impact of digital technologies on individuals, organizations, and our society.

The chair is supported by about fifteen researchers from Grenoble Ecole de Management. We work with them, without preconceived ideas, to understand how these technologies are changing our daily lives, the way we work and interact with others; the way firms innovate, create value, or reorganize themselves; the way our society functions, its ability to adapt or resist, its uses and representations.

Research areas

Impact of digital technologies on individuals
Connecting physical, digital, and embodied cognition experiments
Impact of digital technologies on organizations
- Human-Robot collaboration in teamwork
- Bias and gender in algorithms
Impact of digital technologies on society
Ethical and Legal Issues of Transhumanism and AI

Events and dissemination

The DOS Chair organizes a series of conferences entitled "CDOS Thursdays" for an audience of students from the Executive Manager of Information Systems and Digital programs, for professionals and partners of the Chair. These conferences are held on Thursday afternoons, mostly in french.
The DOS Chair has launched "Game of Streams", a boundary object resulting from original research work. This playful approach aims to generate ideas by taking advantage of digital data streams, with the result: value creation initiatives based on innovative services and products to offer your customers.
Participation in conferences for the general public
The DOS Chair participates in festivals and events for the general public such as the Festival Transfo or the Geopolitical Festival.




Pierre Dal Zotto, Assistant Professor in Information System
Fanny Rabouille, Pedagogical responsible of the MS Big Data


Ismael Al-Amoudi, Senior Professor of Ethics
Marcos Barros, Assistant Professor in Theory of Organizations
Yannick Chatelain, Associate Professor of Marketing
Caroline Cuny, Associate Professor of Marketing 
Nathalie Devillier, Associate Professor of Law
Marion Garnier, Associate Professor of Marketing
Stéphanie Gauttier, Assistant Professor of Information System
Thomas Gillier, Associate Professor of Innovation and Creativity
Guillaume Hervet, Associate Professor of Marketing
Jani Merikivi, Associate Professor of Information System
Hélène Michel, Professor of Management and Creativity
Michelle Mielly, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Virginie Monvoisin, Associate Professor of Economy
Federico Pigni, Senior Professor of Information System
Jean-Philippe Rennard, Senior Professor of Information System
Joaquin Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Information System
Isabella Seeber, Associate Professor of Information System
Gregory Vanel, Associate Professor of Economy

Media Publications 

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