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Digitization of the economy and society

Understanding the Strategic Uses of Data (from IT Systems to Big Data)

Business models, multi-sided markets, value chains, data valorization...The digital revolution is upon us and with it comes a vast mine of data previously unexploited.

Our researchers have been studying the impact of this digital transformation to help companies understand and profit from the strategic importance of data. From new business models to multi-sided markets, value chains or data valorization, the rapidity of data processing and the wealth of data being collected has created a Digital environment that is transforming the traditional business model.

Capitalizing on Digital

In the face of this evolution, companies must overcome many challenges: How to capture, manage, share and monetize data? How to use data to offer consumers new services?

Our research is particularly focused on understanding and creating multi-sided business models that take into account the new separation between users and clients.

From the legal ramifications of this evolution to the changes affecting companies, our research helps companies navigate the pitfalls of their digital transformation.


Congratulations Federico Pigni

28 October 2015
Federico Pigni, Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management
Duetto: Industry Transformation with Big Data, a case study in Harvard Business Review by Federico Pigni, Associate Professor in Information Systems in the Management of Technology and Strategy department at the Grenoble Ecole de Management (France).

Put Music on your Website

13 October 2015
Your web communication needs to offer a rich consumer experience to distinguish it from others. Nowadays, websites must evoke enjoyable and memorable feelings in their visitors in order to encourage them to revisit and recommend the website.

Customer reaction and Market identity

29 September 2015
websites such as TripAdvisor have given consumers the power to impact a company's image.
This article, written by Tao Wang, Filippo Carlo Wezel and Bernard Forgues, examines the conditions under which organizations publicly respond to unfavorable consumer evaluations that challenge their market identity. This study relies on an analyse of a dataset of London hoteliers' responses to online reviews posted on TripAdvisor during the period 2002-2012.