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DBA Research Enrichment Webinar Series

The DBA Research Enrichment Webinar Series consists of highly interactive virtual workshops designed to keep your research skills sharp and fresh. Complementary to the compulsory workshops and seminars of the DBA program, these webinars are available to current DBA students and DBA alumni when space is available.

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October & November

Theory Development (2-part workshop)
• October 26 & November 23, 2021, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Dirk Lindebaum

Limit: 20 participants (first come, first serve basis)
Available to current students only
Registration open!

Join us for two stimulating 2-hour sessions (parts 1 and 2) on theory development. The workshop includes compulsory readings that will prepare you to better understand that there is nothing so practical as good theory, and vice versa.


Implicit Measurements in Quantitative Research
• November 29, 2021, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Robert Mai

Unlimited participation
Available to current students and alumni
Registration opens November 1

Human behaviors are guided by aspects that occur spontaneously and are automatically activated in a person’s mind. This lecture discusses how certain implicit beliefs (intuitions, associations, impulses, etc.) can shape behaviors in the business world and when they keep individuals from translating their (good) intentions into actual behaviors. The current state-of-the art is discussed as well as the instruments to study these implicit barriers (which can hardly be done with the standard survey methods).

January & February

Ethnography and Digital Ethnography (2-part workshop)
• January 31 & February 21, 2022, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Michelle Mielly

Limit: 15-20 participants (first come, first serve basis)
Available to current students only
Registration opens January 2

Interested in finding creative ways to include preexisting online secondary data in your study? Thinking about the wealth of your topic in terms of blogs, newsletters, reports, websites, or social media? Looking for those rich archival data sources for your case study? Or, are you interested in collecting data using digital ethnography or « netnographic » methods instead of traditional participant-observation in situ? In this workshop we’ll explore the many ways you can mobilize readily available, existing digital data to enrich your study—adding a qualitative component to your quantitative study, deploying digital data for the pilot, or using it as your primary source of qualitative data for the full study.


Academic Writing Skills
• March 8, 2022, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Amanda Peticca Harris

Limit: 15 participants (first come, first serve basis)
Available to current students only
Registration opens February 8

In this webinar, we dive into writing for an academic audience. I share with you some of the tips and tricks that I've learned in my own academic writing career of 10+ years. The webinar consists of 4 short video lectures (90 mins total) & a LIVE Q&A (90 mins). The video lectures cover the following topics: 1. GETTING ORGANIZED. 2. BUILDING YOUR ARGUMENT. 3. FINE-TUNING. 4. REFERENCING. In advance of the Q&A session, you will be asked to prepare a short writing assignment to apply some of the concepts learned in the lectures. For those of you that submit the assignment, I will provide feedback and share ideas on how you can strengthen your arguments. The Q&A session is an opportunity for us to dive deeper and address specific challenges that you are encountering.


A Paper Journey: Exploring the Backstage from Initial Submission to Publication
• April 12, 2022, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Pauline Fatien

Limit: 15-20 participants (first come, first serve basis)
Available to current students only
Registration opens March 15

What happens during the (approx.) 2 years that a paper is under review? How does a final published paper compare and contrast with its initial submission? In this webinar, we will discuss the “paper journey” from initial submission to publication. We will uncover the backstage of publication by using real-life examples of papers across the process, including those of the presenter.


Social Network Analysis
• TBC, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Jie Yan

Unlimited participation
Available to current students and alumni

Social network analysis (SNA) is based on an assumption of the importance of relationships among interacting units. It provides both a set of visual and quantitative techniques to map and measure the relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, and other connected entities. It is widely used in research in social media, information circulation, knowledge and information flow, working relationships, organizational collaboration, etc. This webinar aims to provide DBA students a preliminary introduction to SNA. In particular, research cases will be cited to illuminate how SNA can be adopted in management research.


Ontology and Epistemology
• TBC, 5pm-7pm (Paris-time)

Instructor: Taran Patel

This 2-hour webinar on Ontology, Epistemology aims to revisit the basic concepts in social science research and demystify some of the confusing terms you hear and read about on a regular basis in research literature.

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