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Corporate geopolitics

Understanding the impact of a region on business and vice versa

Geopolitical studies explores the interplay between various actors within a given area. This field of study has long relied upon a methodology that has demonstrated its efficiency in terms of analysis. This approach can enable us to understand the complex ties that exist between businesses and a region. Such analysis facilitates our understanding of several key factors:

  • How a business can develop and grow sustainably and safely within a given region
  • How territories can be used most efficiently and the responsibilities of businesses in terms of this issue (both human and environmental factors)
  • The local stakes at play in a given region in terms of competing actors and various interested parties (e.g., inhabitants, organizations, civil society, local authorities, etc.)
  • The issue of connecting a region to other regions in order to develop coordinated efforts and strategies.

Geopolitics for business

Our research work and thematic initiatives on the subject of geopolitics are carried out in order to provide a geopolitical vision that is useful for business. This understanding offers companies and their stakeholders another perspective through which to develop their business strategy.

Our researchers are working on various approaches that will enable us to create concepts that unite and explain management sciences, international development, business and geopolitics. Their work also serves to encourage the spread of geopolitical thinking in strategic decision-making for businesses. This provides business leaders with new perspectives to understand their region and anticipate future evolutions.