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Certificate in Management Consulting

Program duration
90 hours – 3 weeks over 4 months
Degree level
Professional Certificate
Entry requirements
Bachelor degree / at least 3 years of work experience / proof of fluency in English
Full program fees
€ 6,100

Applications for 2020 admissions are closed.

Are you an experienced manager aiming to pursue a career as a consultant, either independently or for a large organization? The Certificate in Management Consulting is an intensive three-week program designed to train future consultants to solve complex business problems and assist companies in improving overall performance. Through solid methodology and real-world case studies, you will develop the necessary skills to lead consulting projects and expand your career at an international level. The program will also be useful for consultants looking to reflect upon and improve their current practices.

The Certificate in Management Consulting will provide you with essential skills and knowledge for managerial and consulting roles in which the human factor is essential to success. The course content covers all steps from evaluating a problem to providing and implementing a solution that matches a company’s needs.

  • Assess a given situation or challenge, identify the forces at play, and propose an appropriate solution.
  • Offer a diagnosis of real issues and provide creative, but relevant solutions.
  • Acquire a wide range of tools, concepts and methodologies to successfully conduct consulting projects as an independent professional or an internal consultant.
  • Continuously follow and analyze the evolution of society and technology to understand its impact organizations and management practices.

Program strengths

  • Acquire professional skills and tools for any management consulting activity.
  • Join a high-caliber business network made up of MBA students from several GEM campuses.
  • Take advantage of an intensive program structure that allows you to quickly learn and apply new skills.
  • Understand and build recent trends in management, reflect on your inner motivations and open the door to career changes thanks to recognized, concrete skills.
  • Develop intercultural skills while studying with faculty and peers from around the world.
  • Earn credit towards future MBA programs.

Participants will attend three intensive sessions of one week, each delivered on our Grenoble campus.

The Management Consultant Profession (30h): Module 1: Feb 10 - 14, 2020

Core concepts:

  • Analysis of the consulting process
  • Overview of consulting tools

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Analyze human factors that influence management consulting solutions
  • Evaluate and implement various phases of the consulting process
  • Apply a wide range of tools for management consulting

Corporate business process for consultants (30h): April 6 - 10, 2020

Core concepts:

  • Perspectives on clients
  • Change management

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Analyze the client's values and decision system
  • Apply concrete skills to a real case study on international social entrepreneurship
  • Successfully implement consulting strategies to match an organization’s needs and specificities

Organizational consulting & creativity management for consultants (30h): May 25 -29, 2020

Core concepts:

  • The Future of Management
  • Meaningful Consultation and Work

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the most important technological and societal disruptions
  • Evaluate and adapt to the changing shape of future organizations
  • Anticipate upcoming practices in management and consulting
  • Investigate inner drivers and motivations in order to define paths for personal growth and professional development


Participants will be evaluated on how they learn and apply course concepts. This will include individual and group assignments for written and oral presentations as well as participation in role plays, class discussions and activities.

Continue your learning experience

Credits from this program may be applied to completing an MBA or a relevant specialized Master’s degree.

Educational approach

This certificate builds on a ‘learning by doing’ approach. Participants will explore key theoretical concepts and apply them to real cases in order to increase their experience. By carrying out a systemic analysis of the evolution of technology, organizations and markets, participants will be a step ahead of the game.


This certificate is taught by GEM faculty, professional experts and management consultants. With faculty engaged in research and the input of working professionals, the course links theory and practice by sharing useful knowledge and analyzing real-life business cases. Our international faculty and diversity of practitioners ensures the program benefits from a global perspective.

The skills acquired during this certificate can help open the door to new responsibilities:

  • Internal consultanting for major organizations
  • Independent consultant
  • Transition to management roles in which understanding human factors is key to success

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor degree;
  • At least 3 years of professional experience;
  • Proof of fluency in English

Admission is subject to the number of places available.

Participant profile

  • Professionals with experience in a specialized consulting sector or prior management consulting experience
  • Managers with field experience (Strategy, HR, R&D, Operations, IT, Marketing, Sales, etc.) and international objectives

Online application

To apply for this program, please fill out the online application form and send all required documents (indicated in the application form).

Program fees

The cost of the Certificate is € 6,100. It covers the tuition and the access to all GEM facilities. The fees does not include neither meals nor accommodation.