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Business & Finance

Our Finance, Innovation and Governance team works on the theme of Business & Finance research. The objective of this theme is to promote transversal expertise and research that can be applied to company management, financial markets and innovation.

Our aim is to better understand how we finance and value innovative companies, create governance styles to promote innovation, develop innovative strategies, propose new risk management techniques and novel risk indicators (e.g., systemic risk), and navigate regulatory issues that affect innovation.

To expand our body of knowledge on these questions, we focus on both fundamental research and collaborative efforts with working professionals. Thanks to publications, conferences, and participation in professional associations and media, our research team continues to expand and promote its expertise in the following three areas:

  • Financing and valuing innovative companies
  • Governance styles in innovative companies
  • Impact of financial innovation and of new regulatory measures on market mechanisms


Updated on 06 March 2018 at 2h14 pm