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    Research at GEM: Present and Future

    Over the past 15 years, the development of strong and meaningful research has been a centerpiece of GEM's strategy. 


  • GEMNext Conference: How robots influence (or not) our emotions and decision making ?

    23 Nov 2021

    What are the societal and organizational challenges of the future? What are the emerging topics that will be in the news tomorrow? GEM teachers offer you fresh perspectives every month through a series of interactive conferences accessible to all: students, parents, staff, graduates, partners,...

  • Seminar: Thorsten Wahle, Manchester

    26 Nov 2021

    The MOTI seminar aims at helping scholars, PhDs and post doc to update their knowledge and to test their argument before sending papers to journals or referred conferences. Objectives : Multi-disciplinary approaches on innovation and organization, Training for junior (and senior) scholars,...

  • Energy Brown Bag: Nives Della Valle

    2 Dec 2021

    Nives Della Valle (PhD in Economics and Management, MSc in Economics) currently works as Senior Researcher in Behavioral Economics at the Institute for Renewable Energy, EURAC Research. Her role is to identify factors that influence unsustainable behavior, and help designing behaviorally informed...

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    Health & well-being

    Well-being, nutrition, security, ecosystems, interconnectedness...
    Research at Grenoble Ecole de Management aims to provide insights into the latest evolutions in business and society.

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