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    Research at GEM: Present and Future

    Over the past 15 years, the development of strong and meaningful research has been a centerpiece of GEM's strategy. 


  • Midi Minatec: Closing the Energy Efficiency Gap

    25 Oct 2019

    In this conference, Sébastien Houde will first discuss the policy and scientific debate of the existence and causes of this phenomenon. He will then move on to provide an overview of some recent public and private initiatives to address this issue. Finally, he will propose possible paths for moving...

  • Seminar : Déborah Philippe, Lausanne

    11 Oct 2019

    The MOTI seminar aims at helping scholars, PhDs and post doc to update their knowledge and to test their argument before sending papers to journals or referred conferences. Objectives : Multi-disciplinary approaches on innovation and organization, Training for junior (and senior) scholars,...

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