Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers

Members of the Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers team are interested in a wide array of subjects from work and non-work life to career and cultural research.

Our researchers investigate questions pertaining to individual, organizational and societal issues. Current research work includes:

  • work-life integration,
  • expatriation (self-initiated and corporate-sponsored),
  • intercultural & diversity management,
  • diversity policy & organizational integration of minorities,
  • dual-earning couples,
  • geographical mobility,
  • working-time preferences,
  • leadership, 
  • youth labor & millennial careers.

Our research has a strong international component, incorporating comparative cross-national analyses and the analysis of work-life and career challenges for employees in multinational environments, as well as societal differences. 

Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers Team Members

Islam Gazi
Associate Professor
Islam Gazi
Associate Professor
Islam Gazi
Associate Professor
Islam Gazi
Associate Professor
    Islam Gazi
    Associate Professor
      Gazi Islam

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      • 27 Jan

        Basic income : a new worldwide policy?

        Universal Basic Income is not a new idea, it has already been explored in India, Canada or Finland. Mark Smith discusses the opportunity to set up a universal basic income in his the Conversation Global‘s article.

      • 05 Jan

        The Gender Pay Gap

        Forty years after the implementation of the first equal pay legislation, the pay gap remains a key aspect of the inequalities women face on the labour market. Progress towards closing the gender pay gap will not be easy or quick. A collective effort...

      • 30 Nov

        Research: Service Work, an Opportunity to Enchant or Be Enchanted ?

        The age of the linear career is over. A fact that has forced companies to focus on creating a favorable social environment to retain employees. As organizations continue to grow in size and complexity, thriving in the workplace is a continuous...

      • 18 Nov

        Enchanting work : Positive management or form of control ?

        Thanks to a qualitative and empirical study of work experiences in a North American organic supermarket, Gazi Islam, researcher in the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations team, and his co-authors introduce the notion of ‘enchanting work...

      • 05 May Mark Smith est professeur en des ressources humaines et doyen du corps professoral à Grenoble Ecole de Management

        How participatory HRM practices enhance the job quality of vulnerable workers

        Employees' participation in corporate decision-making has developed strongly since the 1980s, giving them a new role as potential problem-solvers.