Chair Anosmia: Making the Invisible Visible


The Chair “Anosmia: Making the Invisible Visible” aims to make hyposmia and anosmia visible (respectively partial and total loss of smell), to reinforce communities of anosmic people in order to stimulate research and development of affordable technical solutions for the patients.

It also aims to open a public debate on the place and role of taste and smell by producing original and recreational contents.

Working Areas

The Chair brings together researchers in management, sociology and psychology to explore the use of new technological devices allowing to characterize and measure smells and taste and the related business models.


Aryballe Technologies

Chair Holder

Vincent Mangematin 

Vincent Mangematin



  • 14 Nov

    Anosmia: an invisible disability

    Anosmia is the loss of the sense of smell. It affects 5% of people across the world. There is no health-care system to support it. Neva Bojovic discusses what anosmia is and the difficulties of the recognition of this disability.